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God is Love


Hi there, and welcome back to the unilibrium blog.

This month we will look into the word “God” as there are many a different interpretation for it.

When we look realistically at religions and cult-tures and people around the world, almost all of them worship some type of “god” or diety.
Many of them claim that god is love or that they have a god that is based upon the idea of love but if you easily login to the internet on some website like google or youtube you can easily find an example of a religious war where they are fighting over who has a better god or idea of god and people actually are dyeing over it and that’s not unilibrium. Well, considering what we’ve seen so far throughout history it is probably safe to say that many people have misinterpreted the word for its actual meaning according to almost any of the religions. Almost every book you read that is a religious text says that god is love. That’s fine and all but I have seen a lot of people not actually practice that.

If you lookup the word “god” in a dictionary it might tell you other definitions like the christian version of an all supreme man-being up in the sky who created everything, and other versions like god being a diety for certain factions of people. These are cool examples but unilibrium has its own unofficial version and if you are going to be a practicer of the knowledge found at unilibrium you will want to follow the outline below:

I have thoughtfully outlined and defined the word “god” (as if somebody had randomly asked me to define it in order for peace to occur, or what I would consider a state of being known as unilibrium). This is what I have come up with.

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G has the words Glory, Gentle, Gardens, Giving and Growing.
O has attached the words Love, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Organic, One, Omega and a 360 degree in the center with a positive and negative electric charge on either side of it.
D has the word Dirt, Deep, Divine, and Diety.

All of these words are up for speculative observation by a willing party, so we will define them below as they are intended to be intended.

Glory – “god” has a lot of GLORY. When you look up at the sky during a sunny day, it is very glorious isn’t it? Many of us always wish for a better life, that dream vacation, that dream job or most importantly that dream retirement where we can sit on an island beach somewhere and do nothing and just witness and enjoy the glory of it all. Some of us prefer mountains, others prefer deserts. The choice is yours.

Gentle – God is supposed to be gentle. When you were being raised by your mother, hopefully she was gentle with you. Maybe you were raised by a father or maybe you didn’t have an upbringing. The point is is that when kids are being brought up we are theoretically supposed to be gentle with them or they will have traumatic psychological damage which can cause problems for them further on in life. So the more gentle we are, the more “god” like we have the potential to become. A garden, for example, needs gentle rain or gentle amounts of water before it is strong enough to be soaked.

Gardens – Have you ever planted a garden? There is so much to learn in a garden, as if it is an outside library. There are bugs, water, fungus, birds, trees, etc. Everything is to be taken into consideration because they all support each other in a closed organic loop. Gardens have a big part in our living for without them we cannot eat food and survive. Gardens, in my opinion, are very close to “god” and the all-giving life substance that this universe is. They grow with the sun and at night they grow with the stars. There are a few gardening tutorials here on unilibrium that i invite you to take part in to become closer to “god” itself.

Giving and Growing – when gardens grow they give, when gardens give they are gentle and this is the glory that we look forward to. Without water a garden cannot grow or give and without giving peace to each other we cannot grow. Growing is how we become better human beings. But most religious wars are still fought and nobody really grows from that state of being of which is non-giving and non-growing. So we need to literally stop in our tracks and think. “is what i’m about to give going to help me and everybody else grow, or am I being selfish?”


lOve – love is not a word that starts with O but has an O in the middle of it. That ‘O’ has many interpretations. God is love is what the religions teach us. So would it be safer to say that the closer we get to love the closer we get to god? Would it be safe to say that if we have an organic garden that it is in fact giving us love? The O in “god” has a positive and negative electric charge which would make the O a neutral point. Think about how many times you’ve thought the thought “well I dont care”. Now hold out your two hands palm up, on the left hand think the thought ‘I don’t care’ and on the right palm think the thought ‘I do care and love’. Try to literally feel the heaviness of the left hand vs the right hand. (one of them should drop while the other feels motivated to stay up). In the middle of the ‘O’ is a 360 degree full-circle. This resembles the closed organic cycle¬† of the organic garden you live in (Earth). So many of us aren’t coming full circle with our organic matter and therefore are a bigger detriment to the garden than others (a parasite does this to the human body when infected). Any good farmer or gardener knows good and well that you need to have a closed organic loop for the cycle to continue itself on being healthy. Just look at how rainfall happens, as an example. Without a closed loop, or a full circle, we theoretically cannot have “Love” and could possibly even bring “negative karma” onto ourselves. God is love and love is the absence of all conflict or war.

Omnipresent – Omnipresent with an [OM] means that god is present everywhere simultaneously. OM is defined as the “1-song” of the universe because it theoretically matched the vibration of the ‘1’ of all of the entirety of the universe. This is serious shit man, you might want to pay attention.

Omnipotent – Omnipotent or [OM]nipotent is defined as one having unlimited power or authority. Father earth Gives to his children freely, with unconditional love, on mother Earth. Father sun gives to the peace, the math, the Wars, the Aliens, everything goes, for whatever reason. He is omnipotent and Ian Xel Lungiold the mayan calendar researcher suggested that it would be kind of hard to have a war when there are 700 mph solar flares going off in our face. Who knows if that will actually happen. But hey, with PPS success lessons having been looked at a couple of times, I can dream can’t I? What is your 1-dream? It has unlimited power over you, just like father sun!

Organic – Organic means that something is derived from living organisms, it is alive. Organic matter is great for gardeners and farmers. Organic food is great for your health. The more people buy into commercialized food, pesticide sprayed food, chemically grown food and marijuana, the further away from “God” they become. They become detached. After being sprayed with pesticide and grown with chemical fertilizers, plants become less organic and life as we know it becomes less stable. People start fighting with each other, people start having more wars and conflicts, husbands and wives cheat on each other, children act up so mischieveiously and everything goes backwards. It is my opinion that there should be fruit trees on the side of the roads. Atleast that would become a little closer to what weston a price was researching his whole life.

One – one is one. When you look at the yin yang symbol it signifies two energies becoming into one. One energy, one divine union. We are all one on this planet. Even the hippies who think they are jesus get so selfish and forget this simple fact.

Omega – this is the last letter in greek, the end. It is also defined as ” the ratio of the average density of matter in the universe to its critical density, In cosmology theory”. Told you this was serious.


Dirt – This type of dirt is the soil. The closer we come to creating the soil into the way it was before it became chemically laden, the better the dirt will be. Dirt (soil) cannot grow microorganisms without water, oxygen, love, gentleness (no stepping on it for a while), oneness and giving. We need to give our soil more water, more love and less chemicals and pesticides. Also, many times I have gotten into dirt and it got down right dirty. Sometimes for a garden to grow successfully you have to get dirty and then take your shower at the end of the day, sorry but there’s no way around that one! Try shoveling horse and donkey poo for a day and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Deep – deep is the word we can use to describe god when we peer into the universe at night. By some estimates, the word god has been given the definition of the word ‘Universe’. It’s as simple as that. We can get all deep and technical but for what? There are countless numbers up there doing that for us. Deep can mean to keep things simple but be open minded to the complexities of the universe. An example would be digging a hole and planting a tree, you can be very simple and just plant the tree or you can get deep and technical and start pondering about the microorganisms, the nitrogen ratios, the fungus, etc. But we’re probably going to need an observatory to study that deep.

Divine – divine is when things start looking like heaven. There are fruit trees on the side of the roads, the environment smells like pollen instead of gasoline, and the water is so clear and unpolluted that sea turtles aren’t washing ashore lifeless. That isn’t heaven or divinity it is more of a glimpse of hell in my opinion. Divine can also be a beautiful garden that has attracted all the necessary wildlife to it that it needs to grow and for you to feel like it is in a state of being ‘divine’. There is not need to go to deep with this stuff. Just keep it simple.

Deity – Deity is what most people worship. A ‘Deity’ or a ‘godhead’. We all have one, it is usually called our higher self. It is defined as a god or a goddess. The supreme god, or the nature or character of ‘god’. Think about if you are the master of your own garden, your own creation. You are the godhead for that specified area of land. You are the diety to those plants, animals, bugs, water systems, etc. So the closer we get to these things the closer we become to being a deity ourselves.

So, there is the Unilibrium definition of ‘God’. Only because with god there is supposed to be no cruelty, no war and there is no strife… There is theoretically only true love, organic food, growth and abundance. Just look at what the other god models have given us from the various religions and cult-tures, everybody is out to get each other or trying to kill one another! To apply this I would suggest finding that place on earth that you feel “Most at home” and going there and applying this simple model, without conflict. There is a whole earth available to us to apply ‘God’ After all.

Enjoy ~

Much peace,