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Mercury in retrograde


Welcome back to the unilibrium blog. This month I would like to point out a few things that are all too common! Mercury retrograde, food and what we can do to save ourselves from ourselves!

In previous blog posts in late 2014 I pointed out how restaurants like to waste food at the end of the day. This is an all too common problem that society faces.

It is my opinion that if we saved food we could save the hunger problems of the earth as a whole. I wasn’t saying that restaurants are bad (although many are). I was saying that they should be MINDFUL of their consumption of organic foodstuffs and waste created.

Here is a link to a new page I added to unilibrium just recently about how long it takes to grow certain common food items from seed to the day they are picked by the grower, eater, farmer, hunter, etc.
Common food and their harvest times:

If we look at the potato for example we see a crop that takes approximately 90 to 150 days just to grow into a full yield. Surely that’ll help you think twice before downing an entire bag of salted potato chips in front of the television in one sit down.

Now let’s look at some other ones. Carrots 90 days, corn 3 months, you get the picture. Why throw away some THING that you can EAT in less than 5 minutes that takes 3 MONTHS to grow? What a waste of energy! No wonder you all fight over food and constantly kill each other! Go stab that shovel Into the plowfield and get busy before its too late, times a ticking. Try to make sure its NON-genetically modified or you will support more of the same…

Mercury is currently retrograde until February 11th.

Here is a very helpful website about mercury retrograde phenomenon:

This means computer systems may act up and communication issues are prevalent in relationships of all types. I’m even experiencing some technical difficulties myself, so in my opinion this is a great time to practice some peace principles and even be out in nature where mother nature’s technology far exceeds our own…

Here is an example of some rock cairns
I stacked just recently.


Below is the same cairn the very next day:


Either some wild animals knocked them over or some criminal knocked them over. Congratulations to whoever it was because they failed the test. Lets just hope it was a wild coyote or some young kids so we can relax into being. The choice is yours, you can either have peace and WORSHIP or complete chaos and WARship.


Recently I grew and raised my own chickens. They were free roaming chickens and I fed them only plants and organic chicken feed. These are funny creatures and can feed a small family on a budget. I would suggest following your local laws and consulting with a local farmer before doing them on your own. But on unilibrium you will find a nice chicken treat chart here if you’re looking to get started:

Here is a picture of what I fed my chickens and the organic egg they produced:

This is purple hibiscus and moringa leaves. The brown egg is my organic finished product and those white ones are store bought. The particular chicken above produces blue/green eggs. My chickens loved to eat this purple hibiscus leaf and moringa and since moringa has antiviral properties (even against HIV) this made for super healthy blue, brown organic eggs.

Here is an example of blue/green eggs if you’ve never seen them before:

Lastly, we will close February out with a little … Eh… Artwork. I don’t have time for much bullshit these days and I’m assuming that maybe neither do you.

Here is a flower…


May this flower represent the overflowing love that creation has to offer each and every one of us. When we look up there are clouds, beyond them there is our father sun. He calls the shots. The sun has eruptions just like earth has earthquakes. All those other flowers can be considered stars and surrounding galaxies, hey maybe its a meteorite bombardment! I mean there are still crators on the moon from the last time this happened. You never know. Let’s start deciding TODAY to get busy in the garden before “god” decides for us and there’s no more real food left.

If you feel like this blog was helpful please chek out the new contact form on unilibrium where you can submit suggestions and make economic donations to keep the computers running, who knows what mercury is thinking.

Happy Sunday and February to you.
-unilibrium staff