Happy new year


Happy 2015! Hopefully… Good day to you and welcome to my blog again. I love to talk sometimes and I love to share things I learn, as I love to learn new things. Above is a picture of a christmas tree and a near full moon.

In case you didn’t notice I skipped blogging in December because quite frankly I just didn’t want to! It was the Christmas holiday season and I needed a break and some time for myself.

To me Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving peace, love and thanks (gratitude) but to many people in our civilization it is about big screen televisions or expensive stuff bought at stores.

Ian xel lungold, the Mayan calendar researcher said “nowadays a good Christmas is a lot of stuff” bought at a store. Of course he was being slightly sarcastic because the spirit of “love” will be there regardless of whatever plastics are around.

I have many plans for 2015 and I do not want to delay!

When I look around in the world everybody has something to complain about. There’s so much pollution, not enough money, not enough kindness, not enough of whatever! Even I complain about these things from time to time.

When will the day come that we stop driving our cars so much and start going for walks in the morning? Think about the money you could save not driving your car for a few days and walking to a local sports complex or a field to practice tai chi and do some of your favorite exercise.

Here is a CD I bought recently called Tibetan incantations. It has 3 very beautiful audio incantations of Buddhist nature that are for the purpose of cleansing ourselves.

This CD has one of my favorite incantations I learned in late 2014, “Om Mani Padme Hum”. This is an incantation to purify aggressiveness, poverty and all other negative things. It is around 30 minutes long and is very nice to listen to when I do chores around the house. Remember a good rule of thumb for doing chores is to spend about 15-20 minutes doing something important (chores) in the morning and use the rest of the day to play (doing what you usually like to do). The rest of the chores can be done the following morning and so on. It is important to keep a clean house in my opinion.

I’ve rearranged a few things on unilibrium.net so that navigation and use is more like opening up a toolbox, which will be more of the intention of it. The gardening section is for reference purposes and is to be navigated to in times of wanting to build gardens for food. There is some shamanic knowledge as well and some health knowledge. Unilibrium is supposed to be used from a smart phone (like an android phone or iPhone) and when out and about referred to when we forget things.

To carry on from a previous blog in 2014 where I talked about surrounding the dragon and the PPSSuccess educational program… I would like to say that PPSSuccess is for finding our dream in life. If your dream is to be a basketball player then the sun in the sky allows for this. If your 1 dream is wanting to be a model then the sun allows for this. If your 1 dream is to be anything such as a chef, a stay at home mom or dad, an astrologer, etc, the sun allows for this! Why wouldn’t he? Just look at all the love he shines down onto the wars! Why wouldn’t he allow you to follow a simple dream you’ve had since childhood! The sun is unconditionally loving and says yes to everything. But just keep in mind that love and love get together and don’t start wars. Love is a 1-energy (1 love) that requires 2-forces. The first time i found that out i was instantly enlighteneded and excited to live life to its fullest. My 1 dream is to help others get out of pain because I experienced the first 14 years of my life watching a bad example of what “love” was (Mom and dad always fighting). ALL is forgiven though and things are better. The point is, sit under a huge tree, meditate and think real deeply on what your 1 dream is. Maybe you have a relative in a desperaste situation and your 1 dream is to save them, then have a goal and make it easy friend. Go for it. The world could always use a little less pain and a little more gratitude, compassion and especially kindness.

Hopefully you have understood the concept of christmas this past year and we can make an even better concept of living for 2015. The point is to have love, peace and compassion all year round not just on 1 day. It kind of defeats the purpose to have it only on 1 day in my opinion.


Thankyou for reading my blog post for now. Until next time!



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