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Seeds, karma and wars


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It is November 2014 and I welcome you back to my blog. Today I would like to introduce you to a book called seeds of terror. I have only read but the first few chapters in it but it has stunning information in it about the way drug wars are run and how everything functions. I had to put the book down because it was so informative and a bit of an overload.

Many of the farmers in Afghanistan are killed or go out of business and their families lives get put into jeopardy. I just basically wanted to share this book to point out that fact.

The reason I am pointing this out is because many wars are run because of certain plants or certain substances (or what would be considered to be) and are wholly unnecessary and can even be avoided through proper education and training.

A war works like this: there are 2 sides, one wins, one loses. There is usually a lot of money involved and usually something to gain from winning such as a large amount of (in this case) drugs! Preferably you want to keep this quote in your mind = ‘exercise, the drug of choice’.

Many farmers in america struggle as well. As if there isn’t enough money to fund their operation. If you watch documentaries you’ll learn that there are also farmers in other continents committing suicide because of a farm worker lack thereof.

My opinion is that if you’re going to have a war it better be for a good reason considering that ancient astronauts may or may not have brought us the concepts of war, time, science, mathematics and peace.

For example, if most people knew where marijuana comes from it would eliminate a lot of confusion and quite possibly even end the drug war over it. Zechariah sitchen, in his book the twelfth planet, suggests that hemp originally came from planet nibiru. This is the supposed alien inhabited planet with a large elliptical orbit around our star, Sol (soul). Well there it is, now you know and here’s another link to the twelfth planet:

To conclude I wanted to throw in the idea of gasoline as having significant power to create wars. Gasoline and oil are ancient fossils that are used for fuel and only exists in certain places. If you’ve ever seen the movie jarhead you know what I’m talking about:

In the movie jarhead you see a scene where oil fields were lit on fire. This is the damage and cost of war, wasting resources. Imagine how many people are killed or falsely imprisoned over simple things like plants and how many are let to go even after doing horrendous things that are very terror-like. The math and statistics don’t compute properly somewhere which means we can do better as a humanity.

Before you know it everything will be hot and dry from over usage of gasoline and oil based vehicles (which have a very HiGH karmic tag to them considering that many innocent people are killed in order to obtain them). Once everything gets hot and dry we will experience weather abnormalities and many changes will occur.

What if we were in heaven, and are now being tossed into a type of hell only then to be sometime soon thawed out by an incoming ice age? Will hell freeze over? If so we can look at the bright side, at least it will thaw out again!

Water brings yin, yin brings moist and moist brings fungus and then an ecosystem will regrow. Its a lot more powerful than we are so we’re better off not to ruin it.

Do you ever feel broken inside? Worn out? Like something extremely important is on your mind but you don’t know what it is? Humanity has a clue and we are touching the surface of the tip of the iceburg of green technology and eco-revolution after eco-revolution but humanity still hasn’t pinpointed it. Have you ever considered that maybe something we use in america has a direct correlation to the emotions and energetic influences to people on the other side of the planet? When other people hurt…. You automatically begin to hurt. That’s just the nature of the universe and there is no way around it. Whether you like it or not or believe it or not you have to face that lesson , we all do.

Last year my grandma and my cousin died from cancer. If I only could get them both to some medical marijuana maybe it would have saved their life for even a couple more years. People in general have the ability to be alive until they’re 90 or 100 easily you know if they do it right. Just look at the health of the hunza in this book the healthy hunzas by ji rodale:

The hunza are a perfect example of how people can live long healthy, HAPPY(Something rare in today’s society) and vibrant lives. Our current civilization needs to reduce its dependency of gasoline and fossil fuels or things may tend to only get worse and throw our considered states of unilibrium out of balance completely. Do you want the karma of people on the other side of the planet wanting to kill you just for being american or would you rather have peace, joy and bliss just like all major religions teach?

Think about it, The choice is yours after all.
Our choices are brief, yet endless!


Until next time (maybe next week maybe next month)