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Hi and welcome back to my blog. This month I want to share a book I recently read called A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Acronyms With Easy Solutions Over Mediocre Existence.

Basically I’m going to get straight to the point and its that I highly recommend this book for anybody looking to gain a better control over their life if they are feeling unstable or like their life is a bit mediocre, This book helped me a lot. Many of the acronyms inside of it are purely self help and the author is a healthy bodybuilder so it makes more sense to me to learn from someone who is in shape and healthy rather than someone who is not. I will only include a couple of my favorite acronyms that I can remember from the top of my head and then you will have to use your better judgment to just go ahead and buy yourself a copy of this book.

So first favorite was the word D.I.E.T. because it means “did I eat that?” I’m sure this is a question you asked yourself very sincerely after I taught and explained to you what is actually in the modern commercial food supply. Well you DID ask yourself this, right? I sure hope so! Here’s an example of what somebody like you SHOULD be eating (as opposed to sodas, coffees, drugs and McDonalds)


This is organic synergy kombucha and avocado. They’re both great health foods and the kombucha had chia seeds as well. If you don’t buy organic foods then farmers can’t fund the operations necessary to make them, so do all of us a favor and invest in the earth. Look for the number 4 on the SKU as the first number (like 4 doctors or 4 white devils) as a general rule of thumb when buying organic if you get too confused.

My next favorite acronym is L.O.V.E. because he defined it as “Leaving Out Violent Emotion”
This is one of the most perfect definitions for the word love in my opinion and I love the fact that the author wrote such a good definition of it because most people think love has to be violent when in fact its the complete opposite. If you’re experiencing symptoms of violence from people who tell you they love you you should either ask what they’re being aggressive for or just leave because its not true love.


This is a picture of some earth based laundry detergent. The cap of the container sat on this wood for a day and after I lifted the cap the soap residue left a heart shape. Pretty cool, don’t you think so? This just confirms masaru emoto’s work but unfortunately he just passed away this month. Hopefully you can understand the importance of me posting this and why love and health are so important.

Another acronym I loved was the word  W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y … “Wonderful Energy Deters Negative Energy Subduing Drama All Year” . Many people in Facebook, twitter and internet world might call Wednesday “hump day” which means they’re having sex on this day with some partner, regardless of who they hurt. Is sex the only thing considered love? Maybe, maybe not. But the reason I like this word was because I happened to leave my home on a Wednesday to get away from drama and it worked, for me.


Lastly one of my other favorite acronyms is the word H.E.R.O. (Helping everyone reach opportunity ). I like that because I’ve helped a few (or more) people reach opportunity ity and their goals and I actually did feel kind of like a hero for it. That’s just my opinion though and I’m sure you have yours too. Were supposed to be helping the less fortunate reach opportunity and this is what will turn us into hero’s. Not the other way around.

Karma has its way of sorting our lives out and much of the time it may be uncontrollable so just be nice if the moment permits it. Below are Rolyn’s (the author) youTube channel where you can find his other acronyms such as the word W.I.F.E., F.E.A.R., D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. and a link to the book on amazon. I Hope you’ll get a copy and do him, you and all of us a favor by leaving out violent emotions and creating a hero out of yourself !

The Last time I talked to Rolyn he was telling me a story of how the Los Angeles police department brutalized him after he surrendered on the floor (they tasered him for after he already surrendered) and then they brought him into jail and (my only guess would be almost killing him like what happens to most who go to jails or prisons) upon also getting into a bad car accident. Double bad luck? Yea. So if you could take a moment into purchasing his book you will be supporting all of us because the man actually has kind hearted intentions compared to most people I’ve met, and I don’t say that for just anyone. Hopefully you will feel the same after purchasing and thoroughly studying his acronyms. Thanks for joining me this month in my blog and remember to leave out violent emotions before going around accusing others of things they weren’t Intending to do.

Youtube =

Until next month or next time (maybe next week who knows?!) Thank you for reading the unilibrium blog , much peace and gratitude ~



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