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Gardening and the stars


Welcome back to unilibrium blog.
Today I would like to express the importance of gardening and a little bit of health.

Above is a picture of the moon and a field from a gardening book I just purchased.

“Gardeners have for centuries been guided by the phases of the moon and its position in the sky as it passes across the constellations. ” moon signers,” as they’re known, hold that results are enhanced when planting and other tasks are done under a fruitful “sign.” -1001 hints and tips for your garden by readers digest page 177

Book found via this image:

Unilibrium is supposed to be an idea where people can come to get their healing done. Particularly the type of healing we get through nature and stargazing (looking at the universe at nighttime). Are these two things combined not fantastic ideas and ways to heal? If were constantly addicted to a drug or something we will be co-dependent on it, not being able to live without it. We want to be self-reliable or self-sustainable or self-dependent because this would be optimal health.


Recently I purchased a seed sprouting kit to sprout seeds and grow my own vegetables. Gardening is a great way to build discipline and teach us patience. Patience is the essential quality of a man and when you have to grow your own food and wait for 3-6 months to have dinner you learn some very valuable lessons that only mother nature can teach you. Mother nature doesn’t rush but everything still get accomplished. Then sick humans come along with their various delusional thought systems and cut her down and ship her to lumbar yards a crossed the continent.


Here is a picture of the seed sprouts I bought recently and what we want to accomplish in the garden. I recently worked in a restaurant out of desperation and every night I was washing peoples dishes where they selfishly left a plate full of food only to have it sent to the dishwasher (me) so that I could then dump a plate full of fresh organic food into the trash. Yet our society constantly complains about world hunger and hunger problems in “third world” countries. Well stop throwing your food out! Throwing away fresh food is the equivalent of working a job you hate and giving all your money to the power company and the government where they then will go off and start a war or create pollution. Its pointless.

God only wants us to be happy and almost any religion will tell you god is love. So the point I’m making is that if you throw away the love on your plate there won’t be any left!


Here is a simple mandala I made (more of a petroglyph) and the square shaped spirals emanating from it were from the vision in my third eye and I added the circles in the center. It is my opinion that if we are having shamanic spiritual visions that we should color them down onto paper and share them with the rest of ourselves (community/society). If we don’t share the visions we have and the wisdom from the universe with our society for the betterment of the ‘All’ we are then being selfish. Some people aren’t clairvoyant but are in deep pain and desperately need answers.

The more we grow edible food, the more we learn about health, gardening and astronomy, the more we use unilibrium to balance our own inner unilibrium the more we will experience peace, happiness and good fortune.


Here is a spiral and chalked into a rock with another rock. The spiral represents the galaxy and the spinning nature of the galaxies and various universes. It is one of the most sacred and possibly the most ancient system known to man. How can you outsmart the spiral? After all, that’s what created you. Is your life and universe spiraling out of control ?


This is the interior of an eggplant I took a picture of. Notice how the seeds are almost heart shaped and in a circular fashion. Everything in the universe spins or works with circles in some way or another and that’s how love and health work. They’re closed organic loops that reciprocate and compliment each other when done properly. There are plenty of stars up in the sky, aren’t there? Plenty of suns shining us down, so why do most have a tendency toward not being plentiful when clearly that’s the nature of the universe? If you’re not functioning the way the creative force functions and working WITH it then you are fighting the process and forcing something that’s not meant to be and a law becomes broken and the rest spirals out of control from there.


If only we could all land in heaven where any amount of deep pain is taken care of by the most specialized of angels…


Here is a picture I took one morning after I had some organic coffee. My simple tips for coffee consuming are 2. Either a. Don’t drink coffee or b. Drink it once or twice a week between the hours of 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. and drink kombucha or use another probiotic in the same day to rebuild your inner energy and chi. there are more ways to do it too but that’s how I prefer and what works best for myself. You should also only go for the highest quality organic coffee because it is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides and you should know that Starbucks brand coffee is heavily sprayed and they even made a rare bird species in the amazon go extinct.

This coffee heart above is an example of how powerful our prayers can be when the intention is right. Masatu emoto proved how our thoughts effect water and now that he has passed away I want everybody to see the proof as well. He had more years to his life but maybe he died more from a broken heart or not being well known enough. Do you know what happens when the water gets ignored? Maybe you should buy his book because I’m sick of trying to tell people and clearly so was he.


Here is another example of what I spend my money on:

This is a raw kale salad made with dinosaur kale. I love the idea of supporting organic farming operations and growing real food. Its the only idea that scientifically and MATHEMATICALLY WORKS in everyone’s favor on both a macro and micro level of existence. People want that beach body but they don’t want to plant their own food or do chores or be nice. People buy bleached flour and support war and protest war at the same time and then smoke all this chemically grown marijuana and get completely aggressive and criminal when their lungs get clogged and start stressing their adrenal glands and their brain is fried. There are a lot of hungry criminals in Florida and other places but most of them are too stupid to build and plant their own garden, so mother nature has designed a very elaborate plan for them, as they will soon see.


A lack of any of the things I’ve stated above means being outside of unilibrium. To the degree that you are not within a state of rich unilibrium (universal • equilibrium) you aren’t in a state of health and will quite possibly have to be put into Chek at some point. But that’s ok .

When we continuously throw food out, buy synthetic chemically induced and colored foods we will suffer. We will have diseases, cancers, pollution and nothing left to eat. Here is another great book I use frequently for looking up various food additives:

In this book she explains to you how to identify GMO foods and gives great definitions of most modern food additives, colorings, flavorings and preservatives. Almost any FD&C food coloring is considered carcinogenic in this well sourced book. People like my family and friends can’t figure out why I get mad at them when they buy processed foods but its because I’ve read this book a couple times. Its great for reference anyway and anybody who can read should pickup a copy for their family and children. We could all float and walk on water if we had perfect health and disciplines and the proper nectar that nature offers us.


Remember what chief Seattle said: all things are connected. Just like this spider’s web, if you destroy one part the rest of it will slowly crumble due to the nature of it’s delicacy

Anyway, that’s it for now. Until next month or next blog (I usually try to blog once a month).
Much peace, love and workout sweat and good luck in the gardens! -unilibrium


Awesome blog


Hi and welcome back to my blog. This month I want to share a book I recently read called A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Acronyms With Easy Solutions Over Mediocre Existence.

Basically I’m going to get straight to the point and its that I highly recommend this book for anybody looking to gain a better control over their life if they are feeling unstable or like their life is a bit mediocre, This book helped me a lot. Many of the acronyms inside of it are purely self help and the author is a healthy bodybuilder so it makes more sense to me to learn from someone who is in shape and healthy rather than someone who is not. I will only include a couple of my favorite acronyms that I can remember from the top of my head and then you will have to use your better judgment to just go ahead and buy yourself a copy of this book.

So first favorite was the word D.I.E.T. because it means “did I eat that?” I’m sure this is a question you asked yourself very sincerely after I taught and explained to you what is actually in the modern commercial food supply. Well you DID ask yourself this, right? I sure hope so! Here’s an example of what somebody like you SHOULD be eating (as opposed to sodas, coffees, drugs and McDonalds)


This is organic synergy kombucha and avocado. They’re both great health foods and the kombucha had chia seeds as well. If you don’t buy organic foods then farmers can’t fund the operations necessary to make them, so do all of us a favor and invest in the earth. Look for the number 4 on the SKU as the first number (like 4 doctors or 4 white devils) as a general rule of thumb when buying organic if you get too confused.

My next favorite acronym is L.O.V.E. because he defined it as “Leaving Out Violent Emotion”
This is one of the most perfect definitions for the word love in my opinion and I love the fact that the author wrote such a good definition of it because most people think love has to be violent when in fact its the complete opposite. If you’re experiencing symptoms of violence from people who tell you they love you you should either ask what they’re being aggressive for or just leave because its not true love.


This is a picture of some earth based laundry detergent. The cap of the container sat on this wood for a day and after I lifted the cap the soap residue left a heart shape. Pretty cool, don’t you think so? This just confirms masaru emoto’s work but unfortunately he just passed away this month. Hopefully you can understand the importance of me posting this and why love and health are so important.

Another acronym I loved was the word  W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y … “Wonderful Energy Deters Negative Energy Subduing Drama All Year” . Many people in Facebook, twitter and internet world might call Wednesday “hump day” which means they’re having sex on this day with some partner, regardless of who they hurt. Is sex the only thing considered love? Maybe, maybe not. But the reason I like this word was because I happened to leave my home on a Wednesday to get away from drama and it worked, for me.


Lastly one of my other favorite acronyms is the word H.E.R.O. (Helping everyone reach opportunity ). I like that because I’ve helped a few (or more) people reach opportunity ity and their goals and I actually did feel kind of like a hero for it. That’s just my opinion though and I’m sure you have yours too. Were supposed to be helping the less fortunate reach opportunity and this is what will turn us into hero’s. Not the other way around.

Karma has its way of sorting our lives out and much of the time it may be uncontrollable so just be nice if the moment permits it. Below are Rolyn’s (the author) youTube channel where you can find his other acronyms such as the word W.I.F.E., F.E.A.R., D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. and a link to the book on amazon. I Hope you’ll get a copy and do him, you and all of us a favor by leaving out violent emotions and creating a hero out of yourself !

The Last time I talked to Rolyn he was telling me a story of how the Los Angeles police department brutalized him after he surrendered on the floor (they tasered him for after he already surrendered) and then they brought him into jail and (my only guess would be almost killing him like what happens to most who go to jails or prisons) upon also getting into a bad car accident. Double bad luck? Yea. So if you could take a moment into purchasing his book you will be supporting all of us because the man actually has kind hearted intentions compared to most people I’ve met, and I don’t say that for just anyone. Hopefully you will feel the same after purchasing and thoroughly studying his acronyms. Thanks for joining me this month in my blog and remember to leave out violent emotions before going around accusing others of things they weren’t Intending to do.

Youtube =

Until next month or next time (maybe next week who knows?!) Thank you for reading the unilibrium blog , much peace and gratitude ~