Surrounding the dragon


Hi there, welcome back to my blog. As most of you may know I gain a lot of my Inspiration from a place in California called the chek institute. I’ve decided that it was time for me to leave the place I lived at before and start doing some traveling, and my travels have brought me through several cities this month including Dallas, new Orleans, Arizona, and southern California. I grew up in a situation where I witnessed domestic violence up until the age of about 16 and it mostly stemmed from alcohol abuse on the part of my family. Bless their hearts. Although living at home can be comforting , to me any situation that involves alcohol makes me not want to be there anymore. But! I am open minded, I have a lot of friends who drink alcohol and they don’t have domestic violence problems like my household did as I was growing up. I don’t mind a little bit, its just the violence part that we want to avoid if were going to consider that god is love. Well, when you combine alcohol with non organic food you will also get aggressive behaviors and other negative consequences. I’m doing a lot of inner work lately and its not easy, but it can be fun at times and healing. Paul chek is one of my all time heroes and the work he has done inspires me greatly, given what I’ve been through, that’s why I love Paul chek!

I had to leave my home to “start over” and find a new way in life for myself. Because as Paul says, “people think mayonnaise is real food” ! And where I’m from my friends and family think its appropriate to sneak shitty food I to my body and shitty water. It happens all the time even in other places so you just have to be smart. Regardless of how you were raised, mayonnaise is not real food and neither is anything that comes from a non organic farm. Monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum, FD&c #5 and all the rest of it are destructive to our nervous system and create cancers and diseases that people write massive books about. If you’ve ever studied the work of Weston price he shows you exactly what it takes to become healthy and live happily as the indigenous peoples that he studied were . but never once did he find a healthy vegetarian society and never once were any of them eating at fast food chains ! I do not condone eating at these places as that’s not what’s in my heart. Yknow , the muscle with atriums and ventricles, trying following the pathways of your semilunar valve instead of the “energy” that you think you are sensing in your heart that has a vibrational field 5000 x stronger than the brain.

Omnipresence is for those who are truly sensitive to other peoples hurts, feelings, emotions…
Where I’m from people think sustainable farming is filling their tractors with Pepsi cans and genetically modified beer bottles. So maybe Walmart and organic valley is the better choice after all! I’m not Into buying bleached white bread meat sandwiches for drug dealers, that’s not fucking sustainable.

In Chinese Medicine there is a concept of healing known as ‘surrounding the dragon’. Although I am not a certified or license DOM (doctor of oriental medicine) I do hold a diploma of graduation from massage therapy school and this method of healing (massage) came straight from Asia! I learned what surrounding the dragon is from listening to Paul chek’s PPS Success mastery center program ( It stands for personal professional spiritual success and it is very helpful and I highly recommend it for those of you who are in pain(like me) and are also looking to help others get out of pain (like me).

In one of the courses Paul explains that surrounding the dragon is when you do everything possible to get out of pain/pathology and to heal yourself. They’ll use shamanic drumming, holistic herbs, massage, corrective exercise, mandala making, etc. The pain that won’t escape you is theoretically the “dragon” and as most cartoons and mythologies show , dragons are quite the beast to be tamed, let alone destroying one with only a sword !

So in my travels I am currently undertaking I am enjoying surrounding the dragons in my own life. Sometimes they show up as trigger points in my shoulders or back and other times they show up as false friends and false family members who are open minded enough to send me to jail but not eat organic food and get themselves healthy. REMEMBER: healthy people are happy and happy people don’t start wars!!

In this lifetime we live on a planet called earth and some call her Gaia. She orbits father sun who showers everyone and everything with unconditional love and a gigantic Hollywood movie set takes place globally. There’s pornography, wars, heartaches, love stories, dramatizations, animals eating animals and all the rest of it. Gaia is the mother dragon and can sometimes be one hell of a bitchy beast (as pretty as she may seem to be at times). Yes, Gaia is beautiful but nature works on yin and yang so for every beautiful yin there is going to be an opposite ugly fierce dragonfly yang. If you don’t believe me go live in a wilderness with no clothes on and watch how fast the dragon tries to eat you! Most of the hippies and down to earth people I meet who are against money and corporations are sure quick to go to Walmart buy a bunch of camping gear and then race off into the wilderness to have their spiritual enlightenment. Well, more power to you.

Gaia is a dragon and there are wars, criminals, bad things, shit food and all the rest of it. We need more gemstone and crystal quartz gardens. We need more peace, abundance, love, compassion, empathy… We need more sustainability and people willing to say when something is not right and actually do something about it. They say thoughts are powerful so isn’t it about time we practiced that? We can all surround the dragon , this is our world collectively.  We are all up against a dragon here and its an ugly one. Its the dragon of hunger, disease, selfishness, war, poverty, fake love… Have you noticed what animal causes these dysfunctions? Humans. Humans have to stop being the dragon and that’s all there is to it. Essentially we have to use all of our magic and miracles to surround the dragon. Both in our own bodies and in our ecosystem called Gaia.

All in all I have an optimistic viewpoint about life in general and am enjoying traveling and surrounding the dragons of life and hope to Inspire you as I have been Inspired by my favorite heroes. I don’t ha e time for drama, negativity and people who take me as a joke. I don’t want to be around those who are drinking alcohol and shoving genetically modified organisms down their throats without a care in the world. One cannot expect to surround a dragon with a small knife , you need full body armor and a sword!

With that being said I’m Signing out, no corny poem for today ,
Thank you for learning and growing with me.


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