Father sun holy ghost


The Master said,
“Come my friends, follow me..
We’ll go to a land, that’s forever free.

Plant a seed, don’t get greed…
Set everything free, knock away a disease.”

And the master spoke like this, day in and day out, offering prayer to everything he could find to offer prayer to. Each week they all sat around the master and listened to stories. One evening the master told the lazy buddha story and a member of the audience began to cry. “What’s wrong?” Asked the master buddha. “My husband just passed away like that… ” and with a sad look the master picked up a book and gave it to her. “What is this?” She replied. “This book is my book, it is on how to find a love partner” and he gave her the book. Luckily for the two of them they were both single.

The moral of this story is that you never know when you will find love. You never know when it will find you. I have a opinion on love that most don’t agree with. Many quotes say not to go looking for it, let it find you. But What if you stayed in the same spot all the time and neither of you ever found each other!? Life requires movement and for us to have a love we can’t just sitting around waiting for it (unless were lucky) and most people really aren’t that lucky. Recently I met with a woman who told me she talked to a psychic who said she would never find a lover. I told her that she shouldn’t listen because if people yearn for love or affection they should do well to find a lover then. I have a guy friend who was told the same thing by a psychic and now he has a lover. So you see the universe is creative, it is Infinite potentiality and you are potential energy. If you thought you found your twin soul or “the 1” but they left you then the universe allows for this. You can recreate a new story. That’s where I’m at and many people I know, too. More on this some other time but for now, a poem!! You knowhow I love corny poetry 😉

The stars are reflecting us,
Down from the sky.
We are direct photon energies,
Of some other humans sunlight.

Are we pleiadian, andromedan,
Sirian or a lye?
Many people incarnated on earth,
At just the right time.

If you think yourself to be,
You probably are.
An angel from the Pleiades,
Those twinkling blue stars.

Where are you from, as you drive around in your car?
Where did you get the gas,
To waste in that metal so bizarre ?

How did you enjoy that magical treat?
Pulling up to McDonalds…
Eating that human meat.
Something for the father sun to witness and see.

Deliberately coming out of your starlight, that energy that shines down only at night.
Stay in your energy, so you don’t break a law.
Stay in your energy and stand proud and tall.

Interesting obstacles coming your way,
As life has its own reality and its own games to play.

So how did it taste, so bloody delicious!
That Pepsi you drank,
Just before you washed you dishes.

You’re more than that, friend, you’re out of my control.
I only hope you do the right thing and
Grow that food that makes you whole.

So there’s nothing to worry about, nothing at all.
Father sun gives love to you, he gives love to all !

I call this poem …
“A joke” because that’s all it will be viewed as by some people. But in the mean time I’ll continue growing plants and doing what I do best, being myself. Remember to grow your own food and teach your kids too, anything less would be nothing more than rude. Much peace and many blessings to you. Until next blog , ciao !


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