Plant a garden

Welcome to august and my august blog. This month at unilibrium we want to be thinking about compassion for our loved ones and people we call our friends. It has been my experience that life doesn’t always hand you the best deck of cards so you try to make due with what you have and I have a head full of information so here is an instructional poem to induce an earth healing and total body detoxification (something most of us could benefit from, big time!).


Grab your money,
Go to the store.
Buy some plant seeds,
And then buy some more.

Get to your home,
Sit the kids down.
“Hey little kid,
Plant THIS in the ground!”

“But what is this daddy?
What will it do?”
“Why son don’t you know?
It will grow one plant, or two!”.

“Wow you don’t say!
Thanks dad no way!”
“Yea son you and your sister
Can have a total field day! ”

So off to the field,
Everyone goes.
Grab some shovels,
Pick a few hoes.

Plow up the field,
You get nice and dirty.
Wait those things don’t grow that fast,
Not such a big hurry.

Building discipline,
Your mind quickens its wit.
“Holy crap 30 days!?
What will happen if I quit?!”

So this is the plan,
This is what to do.
Grow a garden,
Have a nice green plant, just for you two.

So grab your money
And go the store.
Now plant your own food,
Before you run out of more.

Plant a garden 8-14-14


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