Monthly Archives: July 2014

Take a vacation


I love it when in meditation,
I leave my body and take vacation.
Flying into the galaxy,
I have a vision, now im free.

Can you god for me please?
Take away our misery?
If you choose to ‘be here now’ ,
Why wont you learn to garden or plow?

When the nations turn their swords into plowshares,
There wont be any criminals left to stare.
They’ll all be gone like hocus pocus,
Then we can all fine tune our focus.

Whats the point in living here?
Whats the point , if you dont care?

Your pain is so deep,
Your misery too.
You point the finger at me,
Yet eye am another you.

Take a vacation, and leave.
Quit your job, explore a galaxy.

I am dyeing, not because i care.
But because of this stinch in our atmosphere.
This stinch we’ve all created, business savy and jaded.
Thats what you wanted, because your love of money was created.

At the end of this poem you need know one thing,
That not everything is as it was or was what it seems.

Nothing stays the same and certain dramas arise,
But whats the point in fighting when the earth has falling skies?
What a waste of time…

I love it when in meditation,
I leave my body and take vacation.
Not because i cant stand it here,
But because up and out there theres still an atmosphere ~