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A sin in the atmosphere poem 6-13-14


Anyday now,
We wish for a better life.
But whats the point in wishing and hoping,
If we dont put up a little fight?

Im not talking about a fight with guns,
Nothing violent, but something fun.
When you feel chaos in you,
Let it out, plant a tree too.

Dig your own hole,
Fill it up with much soul.
Put a tree or a plant or two,
Making an edible garden for yours and you.

Trust me friend,
You dont want hell,
But this is exactly what you ask for,
When we destroy the earths shell.

So plant a tree ,
Or a plant or two.
This way we can all benefit,
From the earths renew.

Have you seen the religious wars?
The pictures on the internet?
The burned down stores?
Innocents dyeing by the scores…

What is the point in saying ‘thou shall not kill’,
Calling it your reality,
And doing the absolute unreal?

Plant seeds and sing songs,
Avoiding the hit from the bong,
Lets get real,
And enforce ‘thou shall not kill’.

Can you run further when you take these med pills?
Is your philosophy cutting amazon rainforest and the indians it kills?

Ponder on this very slowly,
Because if you don’t,
It will be YOUR heart that feels lowly.

Its like there is a sin in the atmosphere


Dont go out of your way to be negative


At the end of the day,
What do you say,
To the person next to you,
Helping you have a happy day?

What if hes far?
Far away like a star.
No one to cry to,
To help heal your scars.

What do you feel,
When the betrayal is real?
Forgiveness this instant?
Where is the zeal ?

At the end of the day are you negative or positive?
Positively positive about the negativity coming your way?
Or is it negatory for that story?
Write a whole new worldly, timely paradise, in its whole new glory.

Why would you let loose cause astray?
The morals inside you,
Giving you a happy day?

What about the ‘me’ part inside of you?
You’re just a pile of metal and rocks,
Your limited consciousness is true.

So what do you do?
When the person next to you,
Who brings you happiness,
Ends up betraying you?
I was wondering because hopefully,
I thought you would knew.

Dont go out of your way to be negative