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Instructions for living poem – 5/24/14


An old indian proverb says…

“Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”
-Cree Indian Prophecy

Sometimes you hop on the ride,
Take it for a spin, run the gas dry.
You get so high, high up to the sky,
Be careful you don’t get so high, though, that you fall out and die.

Whats the point of a ride though?
If it’s scary and you’re way too high?
What’s the point of a ride though?
If it’s at the cost of the other peoples lives.

We pay for so many material things,
Then we ask for peace and blessings.
Our heroic savior will save us now!
Let’s count on him, for he knows the tao…

When we ruin the eco system,
We invite a roller coaster.
The “game” is out of control,
The end of the ride is getting closer.

Do we want more tidal waves, earthquakes and floods?
Or would we rather be happy little piggies, playing in the mud?

The choice is yours,
For you to decide.
If you breathe Qi in,
Your vortex opens up the sky.

Instead of inviting roller coasters,
Into ruining our lives…
Why don’t we invite birds of prey?
To fill up the skies.

Time is up,
The game is over,
Your form is out of control.
Your philosophy doesn’t work,
Like a knife that went dull.
Plant another tree and then another,
Fill up the garden to be full.

Instructions for living


Come be with me poem – 5-16-14


Come be with me
Look at all this scenery
The garden is a mystery
It helps remove your misery

Time and time again
We fill our hearts full of sin
Nothing will return again
Until our hearts wash away all the sin

I see a forest growing so tall
Some trees big
Some trees small
Everything is so heavenly, all in all in all.

Away from consciousness we roam,
Far far , away from home.
When cities destroy the environment,
How will we get to in-joy it?

One heart, one love.

My treasure ends wars – poem – 5-14-14


In the jungle its golden
Something beholding
Everything is perfect
When you look to see the hurt you did

Theres something about it
The countrys so thick
A war cant be a war
If fought with small rocks and small sticks

What are you after?
Some gold to disaster?
Create a few computers !
Baby you can ride my tractor

Some people say
That love hurts too much
But how can love hurt?
If its gentle to the touch?

Some people are after,
A romantic heart disaster.
Some times its faster,
To prevent all disasters.

When the tears flow,
Down the side of your cheek.
You’ll finally realize,
Who you want to meet.

Who do you greet?
When theres no one around?
Do you drive your own car?
Or support a greyhound?

When a flower grows tall,
Is there anything to call?
When the rain doesnt fall,
Is there any flower at all?

What do you do?
Just me and you?
Theres no more gold left,
In the jungle we screwed.

my treasure ends wars

Without you near – may 3, 2014


Without you near
My heart will tear,
My heart will wither,
My ears wont hear.

Without you near
My body will die
Your body too
I am the same as you

Without you near
There is always a pain
Some in my heart
Some in my brain

Without you near
There will always be fear
The thought of you being there
And me being here

Without you near
People will fear
Hell will be risen
Heaven wont be here

Without you near
What will i do?
Work on myself?
Or wait for you?

Without you near
I wont have true love
The love that god once showed me
In the heavens above

Heaven awaits you – may 1 2014

In the beginning of time
In the depths of space
The great mystery awaits
The whole human race

The one song is here
Around christmas cheer
Surround me youre near
But just too far from here

The star light dances over an ocean
The water
Is universal love potion

So unpollute the water
Set the peace into motion
Be upon great waters
Dont stir too much motion

Be at ease
Your breakfast awaits you
Spiritual food
For the great heaven we pray to


When the last tree falls – apr 30 2014


When the last tree falls
And the last river dries
Pollution will have won,
Over all of our lives.

I see the hawks above,
Heavenly laying their homes.
Earth is a spherical,
Heavenly dome.

We only have one planet,
One chance to write a solution.
We need to write a solution,
To create a society of zero pollution.

When you light on fire a tree,
You cannot eat the leave.
So leave the tree to be,
A young wild and free.

Waving in the breeze,
That it could simply just be.
A beautiful tree,
Un touched by the polluted sea.

Beware of the red moon,
It can have two meanings…
Either doom or more room.

When the last tree falls,
Where will you be?
Will you be on the proper side
Of his story?