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The lazy buddha

The lazy buddha

High upon a mountain there was an old monastery. Every morning the monks sat in a very disciplined meditation for an hour. A boy always laid around for the rest of the day when meditation was over with. He has the options of maintaining the zen sand garden, the vegetable garden and practicing qi-gong with his fellow buddhist students. Instead he lay on the couch available in another room or lay by the edge of the mountain observing the landscape. One day while laying around his best friend came to him asking a question, “why do you lay around so much, yoshi?” Yoshi, the boy, replied with , “because… I am so stressed! ” his friend replied , “but you just lay around everyday after class, what could possibly be stressing you?” The sun was bright this day, shining in both of their eyes. Yoshi looked tired but with what seemed like his last breathe he painstakingly said to his friend, “thats just it! Im stressed from boredom! Im stressed from a lack of stress! I have mastered the meditation, the qi-gong, the zen, all of it! Now i am tired. I need rest…” His friend looked bewildered and didn’t know how to respond. With a smile his friend now sat next to yoshi and looked into the horizon to try to understand his point of view better. “What are we looking at?” Yoshi said nothing. With what seemed to be very little strength for a young boy he opened a bag and pulled out two tea cups. In a jar he had some ginkgo tea, to increase blood flow to the brain during meditation. “What is this for?” His friend asked confusedly. “Its for you… ” replied yoshi , “do you want me to fill up your cup?” His friend nodded the head yes, with eyes big like a young american child in a candy store. “What will it do for us? It smells amazing!” Yoshi said nothing. He began to fill his cup until it became full. Next he filled his friend’s cup, but made it overflow on purpose and kept overflowing the tea until his friend spoke up. “What are you doing yoshi!? The tea cup is over flowing!” Yoshi looked at the cup with a smirk while replying, “like this cup you are full of your own speculations and opinions. How can i show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?” Yoshi’s friend had a blank stare and picked up the cup to begin drinking. “Now come lie next to me, my love, i am dyeing.” She laid next to him everyday after that and watched the clouds move above the mountain. Yoshi was only tired from an overly disciplined life and a lack of love. A year later he left his body.


Trees – 3 – 21 -14


  • Each day is new
  • just waiting for you
  • something to do
  • in this day thats so new


  • Why go to sleep
  • when theres something to do
  • a mission for you
  • you even get to save the earth too


  • Dont hurt a tree
  • climb it instead
  • if you kill all the trees
  • well wake up in the dead


  • No oxygen for you
  • if all your trees die
  • we need to have tall trees
  • as high as the sky


  • Build a tree house city
  • start farming the land
  • start saving as many trees
  • as much as you possibly can


  • Love

Listen with your brain – 4-2-14

It hurts to move
Ive been in hell
Sometimes i can still
Smell the smell

The heart is broken
But all is well
Sometimes all my eyes know is to swell

When in doubt
I call a friend
But sometimes those friends
Arent there in the end

So i share my pain
With anybody near
Hopefully someone
Or something will hear

Why does god play such cruel jokes?
Why does everything have to be a hoax?
Nobody knows really
As we look up into the great mystery
Sometimes our mystery is one big misery

Most people are so worried about themselves
That they forget all about
Their family in hell

The innocent beings
Jailed in cells
No wonder we have nightmares
No wonder our eyes swell

Cant you hear the screams?
Of people stuck in hell?
Listen with your clairaudient brain,
Because your ears cant tell.

Listen with your brain