Happy new year


Happy 2015! Hopefully… Good day to you and welcome to my blog again. I love to talk sometimes and I love to share things I learn, as I love to learn new things. Above is a picture of a christmas tree and a near full moon.




Heaven awaits you – may 1 2014

In the beginning of time
In the depths of space
The great mystery awaits
The whole human race

The one song is here
Around christmas cheer
Surround me youre near
But just too far from here

The star light dances over an ocean
The water
Is universal love potion

So unpollute the water
Set the peace into motion
Be upon great waters
Dont stir too much motion

Be at ease
Your breakfast awaits you
Spiritual food
For the great heaven we pray to


Listen with your brain – 4-2-14

It hurts to move
Ive been in hell
Sometimes i can still
Smell the smell

The heart is broken
But all is well
Sometimes all my eyes know is to swell

When in doubt
I call a friend
But sometimes those friends
Arent there in the end

So i share my pain
With anybody near
Hopefully someone
Or something will hear

Why does god play such cruel jokes?
Why does everything have to be a hoax?
Nobody knows really
As we look up into the great mystery
Sometimes our mystery is one big misery

Most people are so worried about themselves
That they forget all about
Their family in hell

The innocent beings
Jailed in cells
No wonder we have nightmares
No wonder our eyes swell

Cant you hear the screams?
Of people stuck in hell?
Listen with your clairaudient brain,
Because your ears cant tell.

Listen with your brain

quasar forever 3-24-14


The slightest light
Falls from the sky
Stars of the night
Create light in your eyes

A mirror reality
Of what you are
The stars are here
The stars are far

Your skin is made
From the light of a star
The light creates your alchemy
Even up so far

You are not 20, 40 or 80
You are millions of light years old
The star shines you down
Into something more bold

Physical you are
An image from a star
Dust collects together
Away Far forever from far

When the light hits your eye
Your soul wakes up and dreams
Many beings around you
Many random things

Other people are stars just like you
Theyre here projected on earth too